6-Day Freediving & Yoga Retreat in Bira (April 03 - 09)

Freediving | Yoga | Meditation | Breathwork | NeuroConservation

The first of our “off island” retreats takes us to the magical reefs of South Sulwaesi, where we visit our friends at Tevana House Reef for a week of exploration. With its vibrant corals and glassy conditions, Bira is an amazing place to learn and progress your freediving skills, and reconnect with the ocean.

Our intention for this retreat is to instill a sense of ocean connection and personal accomplishment while providing a safe and effective learning environment. Our experienced instructors are all trained in much more than just freediving- they come from varied backgrounds that add value to their teaching style.

This retreat is for ANYONE interested in learning about freediving and sparking some intrinsic motivation. Don’t be shy. Absolute beginners are encouraged to join.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment in which students can positively navigate their personal expectations and overcome obstacles. We do not solely focus on depth and time, but instead on the powerful mental benefits the sport brings.

What Will You Learn?

In this retreat, we dive deep into some topics that will aid you in your day-to-day human existence.

  • Learn techniques to handle daily stress, improve sleep and manage expectations.

  • Increasing awareness of positive self-talk.

  • Implementing strategies to move through learning obstacles

During this retreat, our expert instructors guide our guests through yoga classes, meditation techniques, breathwork practices, and physiological training to aid progression. And we do this in a supportive and comfortable environment tailored for success.


What’s Included?


Accommodation & Food

Five nights accommodation in comfortable lodging, and full board (all meals included). An emphasis on local vegetarian dishes and tasty health.



Transfer (4 hours by van) from Makassar to the lodge. Flights to Makassar are not included in the price.



Three freedive sessions, with both line training and recreational dives. Level one or two certifications can be granted to those interested and in fulfillment of performance requirements. Certified freedivers are encouraged to join to continue their training.


Conservation Workshops

A workshop about the GaiaOne Coral Project, and a free dive excursion to the conservation sites. Learn about conservation free diving.


Daily Yoga and Meditation

Daily yoga, meditation, and relaxation classes tailored for freedivers. It’s a perfect balance between a new challenging adventure and much-needed relaxation.

Accommodation & Pricing

We are excited to be resting in rustic style and comfort at Tevana House Reef, a boutique eco-resort on the shores of South Sulawesi.

Tevana House Reef rooms combine traditional Phinisi boat-building techniques with a hint of modern and minimalistic concepts and sustainable innovation.

The resort harvests rainwater makes use of a wastewater garden, reduces water usage with water-saving showers and water-saving toilets, and provides environmentally friendly toiletries.

For Retreat Pricing, please contact us directly on WhatsApp or through email.

Bira Freediving Retreat Dates

April 03 - 09

Limited Spots Available

There is a 50% deposit required to hold your spot.